Rockville Trails Permanently Protected

Our March 2012 Eye on the Environment reported on a landmark settlement reached by SMW client Green Valley Landowners Association (GVLA), the County of Solano and developer White Wing Highland Associates. The settlement resolved GVLA’s lawsuit challenging the County’s approval of the Rockville Trails Estates project under the California Environmental Quality Act. In exchange for the GVLA’s dismissal of its action, White Wing agreed to sell roughly 330 acres of the 1,500 acre property to the Solano Land Trust to preserve in perpetuity.

The deal also contemplated the potential sale of another 1,170 acres, but only if the Land Trust could raise an additional $10.5 million, plus $2 million for a land management endowment.

Thanks to generous contributions from the California Coastal Conservancy, the State Wildlife Conservation Board, and an anonymous donor, in August 2012 the Land Trust closed the funding gap. The deal closed in late August.

“We are positively elated over this development,” says Nancy Nelson, GVLA Co-President. “The Land Trust’s acquisition of this second phase will provide the public access to an absolutely breathtaking wildland recreation area.”

For more information, visit the Solano Land Trust website.