Stopping Pismo Beach Sprawl

The Los Robles del Mar developers and the City of Pismo Beach asked the Commission, for the second time, to annex the site into the City, allowing the construction of 312 homes on 182 acres. In 2008, OPGC and SMW had convinced the Commission to reject a similar annexation because the project relied on shaky groundwater sources and coud have harmed neighbors' wells. This time, the City and developers put together a plan that supposedly used the City's existing water supplies. SMW helped OPGC convince the Commission that the plan was far too optimistic-it assumed that the notoriously unreliable State Water Project would give the City all of its claimed water, and that nonexistent conservation and recycling programs would spring immediately into action. Faced with SMW's legal opinion and well-organized public opposition, the Commission took these warnings to heart and rejected the annexation once again.